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Redeemed Girl Mission and Vision: Oaks of Righteousness

From the very opening lines of Scripture, to the closing lines of Revelation, a beautiful image emerges of a flourishing tree bearing fruit for the glory of God. In Genesis, this is the Tree of Life, found in the middle of the garden that nourished Adam and Eve as they dwelt in Eden with God. Once exiled from the garden, the prophetic symbol of a tree was used to illustrate the life to come when humanity would be redeemed and reconciled with the Lord. 

In Isaiah 61, the prophet foresees a time when the Messiah will come and set free those who are captive to sin and in bondage to darkness. What is the result of this freedom? Those set free become “Oaks of Righteousness, a Planting of the Lord, for the Display of His Splendor.”  What a beautiful picture of the vision and purpose of Redeemed Girl Ministries. We are about the business of setting captives free who then become women who live for the glory of their Redeemer.

For the past several months, the Lord has continuously brought the image of an oak tree to mind. As I’ve prayed and planned for the future of Redeemed Girl, I’ve heard the line “Oaks of Righteousness” whispered in my heart and upon my lips.  I believe this is direction from the Lord for our future. We will continue to host evangelistic events on college campuses where Gospel seeds are planted in the hearts of young women. We will pray for God to make their hearts good soil for the gospel to take root. Our vision is that these young women will grow into mighty oaks of righteousness that produce fruit of God’s spirit.

The next phase in this growth process is intentional discipleship.  While evangelism is at the heart of Redeemed Girl, we know that God has called us to “go and make disciples”…not merely converts.  For this reason, I feel strongly led by the Lord to offer young women who desire to grow in their faith an opportunity to attend The Redeemed Girl Institute. This is an intensive discipleship program for those who desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and in their knowledge of His Word.

My heart’s desire is for young women to fall in love with Jesus and live fruitful lives for His glory.  I pray that God will grow through Redeemed Girl young women who are “Oaks of Righteousness for the Display of His Splendor.” Pray with us as we seek to follow God’s lead and provide events, resources and teachings that equip them to flourish and produce good fruit.

For His Glory,

Marian Jordan

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